DIY: Letter Gift Toppers From Sprinkles

When it comes to wrapping presents, presentation is key. I'm a fan of using simple wrapping paper and adding an embellishment to create the finishing touch, which is why I'm always on the lookout for stylish gift toppers. And what better way to say "Happy Birthday" than with lots and lots of sprinkles?! I was inspired to make these embellished gift toppers after spotting the most amazing cake I have ever seen. I immediately wanted to play with sprinkles, and I did. 

Just grab a sponge, cut out your desired letter, cover it with sprinkles, and you've got a personalized monogram gift topper for that someone special. You only need a few simple materials for this DIY project, but keep in mind that sprinkles, like glitter, could be a little messy to work with. But, it's fun. Trust me.

Follow the steps below to make your very own.

Dish Sponge
Piece of Ribbon
Pair of Sharp Scissors
Hole Puncher
White Craft Glue
2 Toothpicks

• Cut the sponge into your desired letter, word or shape.
• Hole punch one of the corners.
• Cover the front and sides of the sponge with a thick layer of glue (I recommend doing the back of the sponge after the front has dried or else it could get messy). I used a piece of the leftover sponge to help spread the glue. You can also poke the sponge with toothpicks and use them as handles so your fingers don't get sticky.
• Now for the fun part! Cover the sponge entirely with a couple layers of sprinkles.
• Let dry. This could take up to 24 hours. Do not touch the sponge until the glue has completely hardened or else you may wipe off the color from the sprinkles.
• Once it is completely dry, glue the back side and cover the rest of the sponge with sprinkles. 
• Run your ribbon through the hole and attach it to your gift box.

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  1. Anonymous5/08/2012

    These are beyond cute!

    - Angela Marie @ http://sunkissedivory.blogspot.com

  2. ohhhh, these are so flippin cute!!!! i love them!!! great idea!

    love K

  3. This is amazing! My niece's grad is coming up and I have been looking for ways to brighten up her gift! This is perfect! Thanks for the great tutorial :)

  4. So cute!! Would be great for Christmas gifts too...just change the color of the sprinkles...make cute shapes too!

  5. Cute. Think I'll try making them to stand up as numbers on a birthday cake.

  6. Thanks for such a super cool idea...truly easy idea...I have tried my hand on gift/favor boxes...You can check them up on http://www.pinkonnet.com/decor-a-diy.
    We would love to be associated with you and your crafts. Thanks for such articles….we would love your expert comments on our site as well!

  7. Absolutely adorable - what a fun touch for a child's birthday gift! Thanks for sharing.

  8. Anonymous8/28/2013

    These are adorable but I think I will use the little glass balls instead of food products so that they can be saved by the receiver with out worrying about bugs or mold. Thanks for the great idea!

  9. I think these could be sprayed with a finish of some sort do they would last longer.

  10. Brilliant, fun idea & so imaginative! I've just included it in my recent gift wrap blog post on my party blog. Take a peak, hope you're happy with it? http://www.stylemyparty.co.uk/blog/christmas-gift-wrap-ideas/

  11. Anonymous8/18/2014


  12. Awesome craft! Added to my group pinterest board "Its a wrap" https://uk.pinterest.com/dianakeith/its-a-wrap-group-board/ Just ask if you would be interested in contributing to the board. xx


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