DIY Photo Booth Props from Chalkboard & Dry Erase Tape

I'm so excited to partner with
Scotch® Duct Tape for today’s party-themed DIY tutorial! I’m always eager to try new craft supplies and this week I’m thrilled to introduce… chalkboard and dry erase tape. Yes, you heard me! Who said chalkboards and dry erase boards had to be constrained to the classroom? You may have heard of or used chalkboard or dry erase paint, but nothing is easier than using tape. Just slap it on and go!

I decided to use these tapes to create reusable photo booth props for an upcoming party we are hosting. Have your guests write, draw and personalize their own props, and snap away. You can even run a contest for the most creative one! You don’t need a fancy photo booth either. Just find a white wall, add some colorful streamers, strike a pose, and SMILE!

So let’s get started...


• Cardstock paper
• Wooden skewers or dowels
• Glue gun
• Scissors
• Chalk and/or dry erase markers

• Cover cardstock paper with chalkboard or dry erase tape
• Cut out desired shape (e.g. speech bubble, heart, glasses, bow tie, etc)
• Hot glue onto a wooden skewer
• Draw desired design

And with Halloween around the corner, these props would make a great addition to any gathering. There is nothing like a photo booth to spice up a party!

I am proud to be a 3M-sponsored blogger, and, as part of my responsibilities, I get the opportunity to evaluate products from Scotch® Products. Opinions are my own and additional product used in the project were selected by me. To see more creative projects, visit Scotch® Duct Tape Facebook and Scotch® Duct Tape Pinterest Boards!

My Wedding Details + Photos

I’m so excited to finally share my wedding details with all of you! The most frequent question I was asked throughout the entire planning process was, “Are you having a DIY wedding?” Although I did make a few things here and there, we decided to leave almost everything up to the pros. Since I craft all the time, I wanted to be as relaxed as possible on my wedding day and try to put down the glue gun for a change! But, of course, I did add my own personalized touch to a few items. Here were a few of my favorite projects.

And now for the good stuff…the wedding pictures! I can’t tell you how many wedding photos and videos I looked at in preparation for this wedding so it’s still a little surreal to be looking at my own! Our amazing wedding photographer, Paula Luna from Lunaphoto, did such a great job capturing all the details and memories from the day. And our cinematographers, White Rose Production, created a highlight video that I have not been able to stop watching! I’ve seen it about 75 times and I still can’t stop smiling. Check out our video right here!

Scroll down for a few of my favorite wedding photos!

I was so lucky to work with some of the most talented vendors. A gigantic thank you to all of them!

Coordinator: Yvette Hart Events  Photos: Lunaphoto  Video: White Rose Production
Flowers: Designs by Christine  Hair: Lilit  Makeup: Karolin
Cake: Cake Studio • DJ: Hrach - DJ International

DIY Painted Pumpkins from a Mesh Bag

I've always been a fan of painting instead of carving my pumpkins... never been very good at handling a knife! For today's DIY, I partnered with DecoArt to bring you my first fall decor project featuring their Americana Decor Chalky Finish paint. This paint is pretty's as easy to use as regular acrylic paint, but it leaves the surface looking ultra-matte and chalky, giving it that rustic look that I love. Can't wait to use it on more home decor projects! 

As I was trying to decide what kind of pattern to paint on the pumpkins, I just happened to see a mesh bag filled with tangerines in my kitchen. Turned out that the mesh bag worked perfectly as a stencil! It's also a super easy way to paint so the kids can join in too. I  used artificial pumpkins for this project so that I can reuse them each year, but you can use real ones too. 

Follow the steps below to make your own! 

• Americana Decor Chalky Finish Paint
• Artificial or real pumpkins
• Mesh bag (I upcycled the bag that my tangerines came can also buy mesh sheets)
• Cotton balls (or a foam brush) 

• Place a section of the mesh bag over the pumpkin.

• Dip a cotton ball in paint and dab it a few times on a scrap paper before applying to the pumpkin.
• Dab the cotton ball over the mesh bag (like a stencil).
• Continue until the pumpkin is completely covered. 


Americana Decor Chalky Finish paint is available in Home Depot, Hobby Lobby, Michaels, A.C. Moore and other stores. Visit the DecoArt Chalky Finish website for more chalk paint ideas and inspiration. This post was created in partnership with DecoArt. All opinions are my own.  

My DIY Wedding Invitations

Looking back at my wedding craft projects, my invitations were one of my favorite. I was really happy with the way they turned out, but most importantly, the process of making them was so memorable. As you can see below, there were several steps involved in putting together each invitation and there is no way I could have done it without my family and friends who sacrificed their time (and finger cramps!) to help. 

I customized and printed my wedding invitations through Minted. They have such an amazing selection of beautiful designs and printing options (leterpress, foil stamp, etc). I actually ended up combining elements from two different designs (this and this), which was surprisingly a super hassle-free process! All you need to do is note your changes when you submit your order and one of their designers will send you a customized invitation.

Although I thought these invitations were beautiful as is, I just had to add my own personalized touch! I added a metallic cardstock backing that was slightly larger than my invitation in order to increase the overall size of my cards and to add a little bit of shine. I also added a couple smaller details like the wax seal and the embossed return address on the envelopes. It’s all in the details, folks! So here’s how I made them…

• Wedding Invitations (I printed mine from Minted...highly recommended)
• Invitation Backing (from Cards & Pockets)
• Envelope Liner (also from Cards & Pockets)
• Permanent Tape Runner
• Personalized Return Address Embosser (loved mine from WGPress)
• Self-Adhesive Wax Seals (Sally's Heartful Creations has great ones)
• Ribbon
• Scissors

4 DIY Organization Projects (featured on #OWNSHOW)

A few weeks ago, I was invited to do a few craft segments for #OWNSHOW where I got to talk about some of my favorite organizational craft projects. It was such a fun experience being in the studio and taping these segments with the talented Ami Desai. And I’m so excited to finally share them with you! Check out the clips below!

DIY Cereal Notebook: Click here for full tutorial

DIY Water Jug Container: Click here for full tutorial

DIY Chalkboard Label Jars: Click here for full tutorial

DIY Altoids Carrying Case: Click here for full tutorial 

DIY Chain Trimmed Placemats

This post is a special one for me, because it’s the first time I am writing to you as a married woman! Our wedding was one of the happiest days of our lives and I can’t wait to share all the details with you soon. Our first month of married life has been fantastic and one of the most fun we’ve had is decorating our new place.

After many weeks of searching for furniture, our apartment is almost complete! One of my favorite pieces is our Modway Dining Table from my new favorite online store, Wayfair. If you're in the market for furniture, accessories, or any other home-related items, Wayfair has it all! We needed something modern and white to brighten up the place a bit and this table did the trick. And now that we got the main furniture pieces sorted out, it’s time for my favorite part…accessorizing! 

I bought some plain placemats for about $2 each and wanted to glam them up a bit for my new table. I bought a couple pieces of chain from the craft store and after some super simple stitching, my new placemats were born! You can also use this technique with fringe or fabric trim as well. Follow the simple steps below to make your own set! 

• Placemats
• Decorative Chain (found online or at craft stores. make sure the holes are large enough for the needle to poke through) 
• Embroidery Floss
• Threading Needle
• Scissors
• Wire Cutters

• Thread needle with the embroidery floss and tie a double knot at the end.
 Place the end of the chain next to the edge of the placemat. Run the needle through the chain and the edge of the placemat and pull tightly.

 Continue stitching the chain and placemat together then tie a double knot to secure the stitch when complete.
 Trim the ends of the string with scissors and cut off any excess chain with wire cutters. 

Check out Wayfair for tons of home furniture and accessories at amazing prices!

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