DIY: 10 Things I Love About You Jar

What better way to show your loved ones how much you care by giving them a handmade gift this Valenitne’s Day! I’ve always made my Valentine’s Day gifts for as long as I can remember and this year, I’m making a “10 Things I Love About You” mini jar for my special someone. I love these “travel size” mason jars for this DIY project, because not only are they adorable, they're also small enough to keep on the desk or somewhere handy where it can be read throughout the year.

Just scribble down all the reasons why you love that special someone and customize the jar however you please! So simple! You can also use a larger jar if you're having trouble cutting down the list or want to go for the "365 Reasons Why I Love You" mega-list. Either way, it will be such a personal gift they will never forget.

P.S. These make great gift ideas for anniversaries or just a way to brighten up someone's day!

• Mini mason jar (mine was $1 from Michaels)
• Yarn, ribbon or twine
• Button
• Piece of red felt
• Square piece of linen or fabric 
• Paper
• Pen
• Scissors 

• Run button through the yarn all the way until it reaches the center of the yarn.
• Wrap the yarn around the base of the jar, keeping the button in the center of the jar. Tie a knot at the back and cut off any excess yarn.
• Cut the red felt into a heart shape. Slip it in through one of the pieces of yarn, behind the button. The tightly wrapped yarn will keep it in place. Optional: you can apply a little glue underneath the heart for extra security.
• Cut your paper into ten small pieces and write down all the reasons why you love that special person. Fold and place them into the jar.
• With the jar lid open, place your fabric piece on top and close the top. This will give it that fabric cover look you see on homemade jam jars!

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  1. Love it! What an awesome idea.

  2. Perfect! What a darling idea for your "special" person, or your children. Wouldn't kids LOVE to open this jar and find all of the wonderful things you think about them. They could keep it in their room and on tough days, re-read those comforting loving messages to perk them up. I just thought about my 100 yr. old grandma; this would delight her. How creative of you!!!!

  3. You have lots of fun ideas!! Just had to come say that and say thanks for the cutting edge stencil giveaway!! I was super excited and surprised to find out I won!!! Thanks!!

    1. Congrats! Have fun with the new stencils :) - Natalie

  4. I agree with Judy, I think this would also be so great to do with kids as a whole family for valentines.

  5. This is so lovely and creative! a very cool DIY, thanks for sharing!

    xoxo Yanna

  6. What a cute idea! This can be give to anyone special in your life.

  7. Hi Natalie!

    Just wanted to say we suggested your great idea in a list of cool Valentine's Day Gifts here: http://www.poundaccess.co.uk/blog/get-valentines-day-gifts-for-your-girlfriend-without-going-broke/

    Have a nice Valentines Day!

  8. aditi sheoran6/17/2013

    your ideas are just brilliant !

  9. Anonymous1/05/2015

    I think this would be a really ADORABLE way to propose!

    1. Yes, and with the ring inside! :)

    2. Yes, and with the ring inside!!! How perfect! :)

  10. thank you! just made one for her!

  11. Love this idea! Very cute :)


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