DIY: iPad Case From Cork + T-Shirt

Dress up your tablet with a custom handmade sleeve! I love the natural look of cork and I've been seeing more and more fashion accessories (including my new flats) made from it too. And thanks to self-adhesive cork sheets, it was really easy to line my iPad case with a patterned fabric (which used to be an old t-shirt), creating my new favorite techcessory for only $10! You can also use this technique to create a iPhone sleeve or even a stylish clutch. Follow the tutorial below to craft up your own.

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Self-adhesive cork roll (regular cork roll will also work if you do not wish to line it with fabric)
• Recycled t-shirt or fabric (I recommend using cotton or jersey material so the edges won't fray when cutting)
• Ruler
• Pen
• Scissors
• Threading needle
• Embroidery floss
• 2 Buttons
• Yarn (for the closure) 

• Lay the cork on a flat surface with the adhesive side facing up.
• Place iPad on top and trace about an inch away from each side. Cut out two equal pieces, which will be the front and back of the case. For a standard iPad size, I cut out two 11 in. x 9 1/4 in. pieces.
• Cut an additional piece for the flap. (Note: I first attempted to leave the main back piece slightly longer in order to fold over and create the flap. This didn't work out too well, because the cork starts to break apart after you bend it a few times, which is why I cut out a separate piece for the flap instead)
• Peel away the backing from the adhesive side of the cork pieces and lay the fabric on top. Smooth out and cut away any excess pieces from the edges.
• Hand sew one of the buttons onto the flap with embroidery floss. Sew the other to the front base piece, making sure both buttons align perfectly.
• With the fabric sides facing inward, stack the front and back pieces on top of each other. Starting from one end and making your way around, stitch the two pieces together with embroidery floss, leaving one side open to insert the iPad.
• Stitch the flap and the back layer together.
• Grab your yarn and knot it onto one of the buttons to make a string-and-button closure.

Happy crafting! Follow along on Facebook and Twitter to see all my new DIY projects. 


  1. This is such a great idea! I am planning on buying an Ipad for my husband for a graduation gift and I might have to make him something like this for it. xx. McKenna Lou


  2. THis is such a great Idea! I really need an Ipad case so maybe ill make this one because it came out so nice and doesn't look complicated like other ones I've seen.

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  3. Anonymous6/07/2013

    This would be a perfect Father's Day gift!! Thank you so much for sharing this creative idea!

  4. Das ist ja eine tolle Idee und sieht dazu noch richtig toll aus. Klasse Arbeit.

  5. This will be great for my kindle! I might try and find a way to put my own spin on things. Thanks for the inspiration!

  6. This is such a cool idea! Thank you for sharing :)


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