5 Mintue DIY | Nail Polish Colored Necklaces

Just a few minutes is all you need for today's project. I had some leftover chain lying around from my duct tape necklace project and thought they could be jazzed up a bit. I chose nail polish to complete the look because (a) it's less likely to chip than acrylic paint, (b) I already had a ton of different colors at home and (c) it's as easy as painting your nails!

Mix 'n match different colors and patterns to add a pop of color to any outfit. Lately, it's my favorite accessory to pair with a plain white top and some jeans. I love how they look layered on top of each other too. Follow the easy steps below to make your own!

• Chain necklace
• Nail polish
• Scrap paper 

• Place the necklace on top of a piece of scrap paper.
• Paint your desired pattern onto the necklace. Use very thin coats to ensure the paint doesn't clog up the little holes of the chain. If this occurs, poke a toothpick through the hole to unclog.
•  Let dry then repeat on the other side.

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  1. Great alternative to buying colored chains :)


  2. Wow - easy to make and beautiful! like it!

  3. When I'm looking at good ideas people have, I'm just thinking- that's so simple, why I didn't think of this!?? :D This is genius!

  4. Excellent tips to make this DIY nail polish coloured necklaces. I never think this before.

  5. Anonymous2/17/2015

    wow so easy and simple! Your a time saver!

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