My DIY Wedding Invitations

Looking back at my wedding craft projects, my invitations were one of my favorite. I was really happy with the way they turned out, but most importantly, the process of making them was so memorable. As you can see below, there were several steps involved in putting together each invitation and there is no way I could have done it without my family and friends who sacrificed their time (and finger cramps!) to help. 

I customized and printed my wedding invitations through Minted. They have such an amazing selection of beautiful designs and printing options (leterpress, foil stamp, etc). I actually ended up combining elements from two different designs (this and this), which was surprisingly a super hassle-free process! All you need to do is note your changes when you submit your order and one of their designers will send you a customized invitation.

Although I thought these invitations were beautiful as is, I just had to add my own personalized touch! I added a metallic cardstock backing that was slightly larger than my invitation in order to increase the overall size of my cards and to add a little bit of shine. I also added a couple smaller details like the wax seal and the embossed return address on the envelopes. It’s all in the details, folks! So here’s how I made them…

• Wedding Invitations (I printed mine from Minted...highly recommended)
• Invitation Backing (from Cards & Pockets)
• Envelope Liner (also from Cards & Pockets)
• Permanent Tape Runner
• Personalized Return Address Embosser (loved mine from WGPress)
• Self-Adhesive Wax Seals (Sally's Heartful Creations has great ones)
• Ribbon
• Scissors


The Invitation

• Turn the invitation upside down. Apply the tape runner along all the edges and the center.
• Grab it by the edges and place it in the center of the cardstock backing. Place it down very lightly at first to ensure it is centered before firmly pressing down. I would also recommend placing the invites under a heavy item overnight to ensure the adhesive bonds correctly.
• Wrap a piece of ribbon around the center and tie a double knot the secure. Cut off the excess ribbon.

The Envelope
• Place the envelope flap inside the embosser and press down firmly. Make sure to do this step before adding the envelope liner to ensure the best emboss possible.
• Apply the tape runner to the top half of the envelope liner and place inside. Position it exactly in place before pressing down. 
• Once the envelope is sealed closed, add a self-adhesive wax seal for an added decorative touch.

Stay tuned for my wedding pictures coming soon!


  1. I love the thought and attention you put into these. Can't wait to see photos from the wedding!


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