5 Minute DIY: No-Sew Sweater Pillow

You don't need to toss out your favorite sweater just because it's got a hole! Instead, you can upcycle old or damaged sweaters into cozy pillows. This no-sew tutorial is so easy that it’ll take you less than five minutes to complete. Plus, it doesn’t require any cutting so you can use your sweaters as pillow covers during the summer and wear them again in the winter!

We moved into our new apartment six months ago and now that we got the main furniture pieces sorted out, it’s time for my favorite part…accessorizing! We got some of our favorite furniture from Wayfair. If you're in the market for furniture, accessories, or any other home-related items at affordable prices, Wayfair.com is the place to go! 

One of my favorite pieces is our Oxford Garden Lounge Chairs that we got for our little patio. And to add a  touch of color, my DIY sweater pillows were the perfect fit. I had a couple old sweaters that had holes in them, but I loved the pattern and wanted to somehow incorporate them into our new place. Five minutes later...bam! My sweater pillows were born. Follow the easy steps below to turn your old sweaters into the coziest pillows in town!

• Throw Pillow
• Stretchy Sweater Tip: Make sure the bottom of the sweater is stretchy and not loose. Slightly longer sweaters work best. Choose a pillow that fits very snugly inside the sweater.

• Stuff the pillow inside the sweater, stopping an inch below the underarm seam.
• Pull the sleeves from the back of the pillow and wrap them around the front of the pillow, knotting them together in the center. Fold back the cuffs if desired.

• Turn the pillow upside down to expose the bottom hem of the sweater. 
• Tuck in one side of the bottom hem. Tuck in the other side to form a little pocket.

• Turn the pillow on its opposite side to expose the neckline of the sweater. 
• There should be a little pocket that was formed on the back of the pillow after you knotted the sleeves in the front. Tuck the neckline of the sweater inside this little pocket so that it is hidden. 

Check out Wayfair for tons of home furniture and accessories at amazing prices!


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