DIY 4 Custom Paperclip Shapes

I’m so excited to partner with HP to bring you today's DIY project inspired by the new HP Pavilion x360 4-way convertible PC. In the spirit of bending the rules of technology, I thought it would be fun to explore other materials we can "bend" to create custom DIY projects. So here are 4 ways you can bend wire to make custom paperclips shapes! 

These little accessories can make any workspace a little more fun. You can also use them as bookmarks, attach them to greeting cards or use them as gift toppers. Here are 4 shapes to get you started, but the possibilities are truly endless. 

• Jewelry wire (available in different colors. found at most craft stores) 
• Needle-nose pliers 
• Wire cutters
• Pen and paper 

• Sketch out your desired shape on a piece of paper. 
• Position the wire on top of the drawing. Using needle-nose pliers, start bending the wire to match the shape. Make sure to leave a little extra piece on the back side so that it can attach to the paper (like the "U" shape that all paperclips have). 
• Cut off any extra wire pieces using wire cutters. 

I've been playing with my HP x360 for a couple weeks now and I'm obsessed. I love that it's designed with a detachable keyboard, which gives me 4 "modes" to play in (laptop, tablet, tent and stand).  I was on the fence about either buying a new laptop or tablet, so I'm very happy that I discovered the x360, because now I have two-in-one! I never thought I would actually use all 4 modes, but I've been switching back and forth between the options every day. 

HP has also partnered with the one and only Meghan Trainor to document her music tour. All About That Tour is a six episode documentary that goes behind the scenes focusing on everything from Meghan's tour life to the tour's costumes. Check it out right here

This post is in partnership with HP. All photos and opinions are my own.


  1. Very cute idea! www.raquelmanuela.com

  2. simple yet amazing! :))

    xoxo, rae

  3. Wow, This is totally and utterly amazing! How Inspiring this idea is!! Amazing.

  4. So fabulous! Love this :)

  5. They are so lovely and easy to make!

    Best Regards,
    Angelina Stroumpouli


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