DIY: Notebook Pocket From A Shirt

If you're like me, then you're always missing a pen when you need it the most. This functional, yet stylish DIY project will never let an "aha" moment pass you by again! Use it to keep your pen, highlighter, post-its or ruler handy every time you need them. Grab that old shirt sitting in the back of your closet (or perhaps those pair of jeans that just won't fit), give it a little snip, and you've got a practical and funky new look for your notebook.

Materials: Notebook — Pocket From An Old Shirt — Needle & Thread (I used embroidery floss) — Button — Tacky Glue — Scissors

    • Cut out a pocket from an old shirt and cut or rip off the back layer so only the top layer of the pocket remains. Snip off the top corners as pictured above in Step 1. 
    • For a decorative touch, thread your needle and sew the top edge as pictured above in Step 2.
    • Run thread through the button and sew onto the pocket, attaching the flap and the main layer together.
    • Fold back the right and left sides of the pocket to create a narrower width. You can skip this step if you'd like to keep the width of the pocket as is.
    • With the needle and thread, sew on the top and bottom corners of the pocket onto the cover of the notebook. If the cover is too thick, attach the pocket with glue instead.
    • Glue the bottom of the pocket to the notebook.

    And voilà!

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    1. Hey I made a notebook roundup and I featured your DIY in it!
      I hope you're alright with it, if not please tell me!


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