DIY: His & Hers Sillhouette Pillows with Fabric Transfer Paint

I love discovering new craft tools to play with, which is why I was thrilled to partner with Ink Effects paint to create these custom His & Hers silhouette pillows! I've experimented with several iron-on image transfer techniques in the past, but have found that the fabric can sometimes turn out stiff. That's where Ink Effects comes in...you just paint on a regular piece of paper, then transfer the ink onto your fabric using an iron. It was the exact trick I needed to get my silhouettes to be the perfect shape. I love how these turned out and I think they're a great way to add some custom handmade flair to any room. And maybe an anniversary gift idea? Follow the instructions below to create your own!
Ink Effects fabric transfer ink (comes in many different colors)
• Paintbrush
• Full-page printed profile images (you can use your printer at home, but make sure the profiles are mirror images of one another and are not facing the same direction)
• Pillow sham (ideally made from synthetic fabric. See instructions below if you are using cotton)
• Iron 
• Scissors
• Piece of plain white paper


• Cut around the edges of the two images to create your silhouette patterns.
• Turn the images around and paint the blank side of the paper with Ink Effects. Let it dry for a few minutes then add another coat. Repeat a couple more times. The thicker your paint is, the darker your transferred image will be so don't be afraid to layer it on.
• After the ink is completely dry (about 45 minutes), place the images with the ink side facing down onto the pillow shams.
• Tip: This product works much better with man-made synthetic fabrics. If your fabric contains more than 60% cotton, you will need to first apply the Ink Effects Basecoat to prep the fabric.
• Place a plain white piece of paper over the image to protect the fabric from burning once you start ironing. 
• Iron on the transfer without steam for about 30 seconds to 2 minutes. Remember to keep the iron moving the entire time to ensure an even transfer. 
•  Peel up a corner of the image to make sure the transfer is dark enough. If not, keep ironing until you reach your desired look.
• Remove the paper and image and enjoy!

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This project was sponsored by DecoArt®. All opinions are my own. 


  1. The idea of using photos of the actual couple is amazing! and the result is gorgeous!


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