DIY: Gold Statement Ring From A Rock

I'm always searching for one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces, which is why I love to make my own. For this week's DIY project, I partnered with BuzzFeed to create a dramatic statement ring made from one of the most common items on earth...rocks! It may not be the most common craft supply in your closet, but take a it's amazing what a little bit of paint and gold wire can do. So take a stroll outside, grab your favorite piece of rock, dust it off and let's get started! Follow the instructions below to create your own handmade pieces.

Tip: Experiment with this technique to create one-of-a-kind earrings and bracelets too!  

• A rock
• Gold spray paint
• 5' to 6' wire
• Heavy duty glue (like E6000)
Ring base

• Spray paint both sides of the rock and allow it to dry. Follow the manufacturer's directions when painting, and always work in a well-ventilated area.
• Attach the rock to the ring base with glue. Let it dry completely.
• Wrap a piece of wire around the rock and ring base a few times. This will give your ring an edgy look while also reinforcing the rock in place.
• Wrap the remaining wire around the base of the ring. When finished, push the end of the wire firmly into the ring base and tuck it in under the wrapped wire so that it is not poking out.

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  1. What a brilliant ideal. I have so many rocks in my yard and l've thought of ways to use them but could only come up with bookends. Your idea is so trendy!

  2. Cute and brilliant idea! I just think... is it comfortable to wear?

    1. Hi Cecilia - As long as you push the wires in so they are not sticking out, then it's fine. Thanks!

  3. Nice idea. Compleatly looks more expensive than it is.

  4. looks pretty cool and also simple to make, I actually own a ring a bit like this from topshop but with a black glass pebble in the middle, would be fun to make in lots of different colours

  5. I L-O-V-E this sooo much!

  6. I love any project that starts with a free supply like a rock. Your rocks rock.

  7. This is so so cool. I'll have to try this a one point.

  8. Anonymous6/10/2013

    Does the paint rub of? I'm thinking of giving the stone a layer of clear-finish-spray-something... :)


    1. Hi! Spray paint is usually harder to rub off than regular paint. Mine is still intact, but you could spray it with a clear sealer as well. It will give it some extra shine too!
      - Natalie

  9. You did great job and its wonderful piece of jewellery and make stylish gold ring. Thanks for sharing it with us.


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