DIY: Studded Collar Necklace From Leather + Paper Fasteners

In need of a wardrobe refresh, I decided to create the perfect accessory to dress up my closet...a collar necklace! You can take almost any plain shirt or sweater and transform it into a stylish outfit with this simple DIY. I went with leather and gold studs to give it an edgier look, but you can experiment with different fabric (like lace) to fit your own style. The best part about a collar neckalce is that it's detachable so you can mix 'n match with virtually anything in your closet. Bonus: no sewing necessary!

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• Piece of leather (I bought mine from a craft store, but you can also repurpose that old leather skirt buried in the back of your closet. Faux leather will also work)
• Paper
Gold paper fasteners (available at office supply stores and many craft stores)
• Small X-Acto knife, screw punch or leather hole punch
• Pencil
• Sharpie or marker
• Ribbon or thin cord

• With a pencil, draw your desired collar pattern onto a piece of paper and cut it out. Tip: You only need to cut out one side, since we will be using one pattern for both sides of the collar.
• Place your pattern onto the back side of the leather and trace it with a marker. Flip the pattern over and trace again to create the opposite side of your collar.
• Cut out both pieces.
• Using an X-Acto knife, screw punch or leather punch, make a small hole at the edge of each of the leather pieces to connect them at the center. Tip: if using an X-Acto knife, be sure to carefully make a tiny incision to avoid ending up with a large tear.
• Slide a paper fastener through both holes and bend the legs open to secure.
• Continue making holes and adding paper fasteners as desired to embellish your collar.
• To create a back closure, make a hole at the end of each side of the collar and knot a piece of ribbon on both sides.Tie them together like a shoelace to close.
Enjoy your new handmade one-of-a-kind collar! Follow along on Facebook and Twitter to keep up with all my DIY projects.


  1. It's absolutely trendy, and cute, and easy to make, and perfect for so many looks!!
    Thanks for sharing! Big kisses from Barcelona

    DIY & unique pieces

  2. Love this collar necklace, fantastic! :)

  3. I love collars! and leather is just so stylish!

  4. you make it look so easy — thanks for sharing this! i will definitely make something soon using this technique.

  5. This is a great DIY! I'd love to try this out :D

    Cinnamon Spring

  6. Great idea to use paper fasteners! Love that DIY! ;)
    greets lici

  7. This is amazing. So easy yet professional :)


  8. It's gorgeous! I must find leather somewhere and do similar collar! Thank you for that tutorial :)

  9. really beautiful!! thanks a lot for the inspiration, please also check my try at it :) x

    1. Hi Barbara - I love your tutorial! It looks awesome! Thanks for sharing.
      - Natalie

  10. Really beautiful! Thanks for sharing this <3


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