DIY: Pom Pom Party From VHS & Cassette Tapes (+ video tutorial)

I'm here to show you how to upcycle your old Back to the Future VHS and Paula Abdul cassette tapes into pom pom party decor! Yes, it's true. Chances are you've got a bunch hiding in the back of your closet with nowhere to go so let's put them to use.

The idea came to me when I noticed that the film used inside VHS and cassette tapes has a resemblance to metallic party streamers, which can be used to make pom poms for gift toppers, party hats, drink stirrers and more! And since we all have a ton of old tapes lying around, what better way to  give them a second life. So grab those old videos, stream a movie on Netflix, and let's make pom poms!

First up, make mini pom poms using cassette tapes. When choosing the tapes, rub the film with your fingers to make sure the black part does not flake off. Only one of the ones I had had this problem, but it's better to check just in case.

Next up, use VHS tapes to make fancy pom poms. To give it a pop of color, add some colorful yarn or ribbon to the mix.

•  VHS and cassette tapes
•  Scissors
•  Colorful yarn
•  Screwdriver (for VHS only)

• For the cassette tape, pull out a few inches of the film from the bottom and cut. For the VHS, unscrew it open and remove the spool of film from inside and discard the rest.
• Start wrapping the film around your fingers. Leave a little bit of gap in between your fingers so the film doesn’t wrap around too tightly. Tip: For the VHS, wrap another piece of yarn or ribbon along with the film. Not only will this give it a pop of color, but it will make the pom pom more durable since the VHS film is thicker. The number of times to wrap depends on your desired size of the pom pom. I wrapped mine between 50-100 times for each.
• Carefully remove the wrapped film from your fingers, making sure it does not unravel. With a piece of yarn, tie a double knot around the center. Make sure the knot is extra tight or the film will fall out. Tip: Another pair of helping hands will come in handy for this step!
• Cut through the loops on both sides.
• Poof out the film so that it starts taking the shape of a pom pom.
• Give it one last trim to even it out. Keep trimming until you've reached your desired look.

So who's joining me for a pom pom party?! Follow along on Facebook and Twitter to see all my new DIY projects.


  1. This is such a creative idea! Love that you used such an unusual material.

  2. First off, brilliant twist on the pom trend! Secondly, we have similar (and awesome) tastes in giftwrap :)

  3. Serendipity! I have a ton of tapes that I want to repurpose somehow and here you are ;-)

    Before he passed 16 years ago, my grandfather used to record messages on cassette tapes. I'm going through the tapes now, separating the radio recordings from his notes, and needed something to do with the 'garbage' tapes. I made a ton of pom poms, and finger crocheted a garland out of one. My sons want to make pom poms tomorrow after school now - thanks for the neat idea!!!

  4. Great ideas!


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  6. brilliant up-cycle loved it.
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  7. I am featuring your tutorial on my blog today (www.jayscup.com). I absolutely love this project! It also has a lot of meaning since my husband used to be a DJ, so we have many mixed tapes laying around the house ;)

    Keep up the awesome tutorials!

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  9. Anonymous8/24/2014

    instead of wrapping around fingers you can use a square of cardboard, that is how i make yarn poms and tassels and the technique should work for this, after all, who doesn't have an empty box around. maybe could make figures for halloween


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