[Handmade Gift Guide] Renegade Craft Fair Roundup

Last weekend, I went to the Renegade Craft Fair in Downtown LA and walked away so inspired to craft! Something magical happens when you get together so many creative people in one space. I spent the afternoon meeting some amazing local designers and documented my favorite handmade finds. And if you're still doing your holiday shopping, these pieces would make great gifts too. First up...

I love these eco-friendly laser-cut wooden cards by Yvonne from Cardtorial. She makes custom wooden wedding invitations too! Beth from BC2 Designs also makes some beautiful laser-cut pieces including these playful little earrings.

And how beautiful is this leather clutch by Emily from Vaalbara? She has so many fun prints and designs of all sizes. I also love that each of her bags are lined with 100% recycled bottles.

Next, I met Ana from We Love Citrus. I love her blog and she had the most adorable little goodies like these mason jar lids, heart cloth bags and all the colorful twine you could ask for.

I thought these Scrabble pieces cast in iron by Arts Refoundry were such a unique twist. Another one of my favorites were these hand painted polka dot wooden bowls by Sarah from The Bocket. She paints each dot one by one with the perfect color combos.

Another one of my favorite sites, Oh, Hello Friend, was there with these adorable little wooden gift tags. Can't wait to use these on my holiday gifts!

Next up, I had the pleasure of meeting Erin from Cotton & Flax who made these awesome felt coasters. She designs each pattern herself and makes equally adorable pillows. She also inspired me to try silk screening, which has been added to the top of my craft to-do list.

Doesn't this succulent plant and that beautiful ceramic pot make the perfect pair? Eri Sugimoto designs her own patterns and hand-cuts each piece of pottery so each has its own unique character. I next stumbled onto the Paper Pastries booth, which had all kinds of paper goods including this pocket travel notebook that's been punched out by hand. Love it!

And lastly, I couldn't leave without doing some crafting of my own. I made wrapping paper for all the goodies I bought using brown craft paper and stamps. A great go-to crafting idea when you're out of gift wrapping paper!


  1. Between LA's Renegade Fair and Unique LA (healthy competition between the two but I digress)we have a fabulous choice of ϋber talented crafters and, dare I say it? Yes, artists. There! It's out. As a crafter that toys with the idea of selling my handmade designs, these two amongst munerous other craft fairs and establishments are overflowing with talents worthy of the handmade and professional respect and tag as an undeniable inspiration magnet.

    A favorite for inspiration is Craft and Folk Art Museum on the Museum Row block of Wilshire Blvd. in L.A. Not to be outdone by the reasonably new Crafted at LA Port in San Pedro. Walking inside either puts a smile on my face and gets the wheels turning in an otherwise cobweb ridden imagination. I'm glad to have access to all that's available to us. And that, includes you my dear. Happy to have access to Crème de la Craft. Your pieces continue to entrall and inspire me. Thank you.

    1. Thanks Julie, you are so sweet! So glad to hear you're inspired and hope you're keeping up with your crafting as well! ~Natalie

  2. I wish I had a wood carving tool like that! What a wonderful idea for a personal gift! =)

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