DIY: Wine Bottle Wrap (3 Ways)

A wine bottle is my go-to hostess gift, but I always like to add a little handmade touch to go with it. By upcycling items around the house, you can create a personalized gift in minutes.

A dish towel can not only dress up any wine bottle, but it's also a great leave-behind for your host (I bought a pack of 2 from Ikea for $3). Old sweaters can be brought back to life as fancy wine sleeves. And lastly, a couple pieces of felt can be stitched into a custom wine cover. Follow the simple steps below to create your own!

Dish Towel Wine Wrap: 
•  Materials: Dish towel, ribbon/yarn
•  To Make: Place wine bottle in the center of the towel. Gather up the towel around the neck of the bottle and secure with ribbon.

Old Sweater Wine Sleeve:
•  Materials: Sleeve from sweater, ribbon
•  To Make: Slide the sleeve over the bottle and secure with a piece of ribbon at the neck. 

Felt Wine Cover:
•  Materials: 2 felt sheets, pencil, embroidery floss & needle, ribbon
•  To Make: Place bottle on top of felt sheet and trace around it. Cut a couple inches away from your tracing and repeat on the second piece of felt. Hand stitch the two side edges of the felt together with embroidery floss. Slide it over the bottle and wrap a piece of ribbon around the base.

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  1. That is awesome! I like to bring a bottle of something too and I especially like the sleeve.

  2. We gift a lot of wine, and I never thought of something like this. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Anonymous3/03/2013

    may use remaining wool/cotton to crochet it, thanks for sharing.


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