DIY: Leather Luggage Tags + My Trip to Hawaii!

This post is in collaboration with Allegiant Air and Oahu Visitors Bureau.

Aloha crafters! If you've been following me on Instagram then you might know that I just got back from Hawaii. Wow, what an adventure! I was only there for four days, but it was one of the most relaxing, beautiful, fun and rejuvenating trips I've been on. 

I feel so lucky to have been asked to join Allegiant Air on the launch of their non-stop service from Los Angeles to Oahu, the heart of Hawaii. Luckily, Allegiant Air is making it a little easier on the wallet for me and my fellow Angelenos to travel to paradise with flights from LAX to Honolulu for as low as $149 one-way (limited seating + restrictions may apply). That might even be affordable enough for a quick weekend getaway! Check out my full Hawaii recap below after the tutorial.

Now, let’s make some luggage tags for your next trip. Starting with a brand new video tutorial...

As I hope to do more traveling in the coming years, I decided to create a stylish ID tag for my suitcase. These will not only help identify your bag in a sea of other look-alikes, but it adds just a dash of personality to help you travel in style! Or they could even make a great gift for a loved one who will be going abroad. 
I chose leather for this project because of its durability, which is important when traveling. Plus, I had some scraps lying around. This project involves some minimal hand-sewing, but nothing you can’t do while watching some TV on the couch. So let's begin!

    • 2 leather pieces (not too thick so you can sew them together)
    • Round container or cup (to be used as a stencil)
    • Pen or colored pencil
    • X-acto knife
    • Scissors
    • Embroidery floss & threading needle
    • Ribbon or leather strip

    • Turn both leather pieces upside down and place them on a flat surface.
    • Using a round container/cup as a stencil, place it over one of the pieces and trace around. Repeat with the second piece.
    • Cut out the two traced circles.
    • Take one of the pieces and cut out a 3-sided flap with the x-acto knife (as shown above). This will serve as the "window" for your identification card.
    • Place both pieces on top of each other with the smooth side facing out. Trim away any excess leather until both pieces are identical.
    • Starting from the top right side and working your way down, stitch the two pieces together. Continue until you reach the top left side. Be sure not to sew shut the top.
    • Slide identification card in through the top.
    • To create a loop for the tag, cut a small slit at the top, slide through ribbon or a thin leather piece, and knot.

    And now the fun part...highlights from our Hawaii trip! 

    Traveling to Hawaii is simply like no other part of the U.S. And I even got to take my fiancè Tony along, which made this an unforgettable trip.

    The island of Oahu has so much to offer from fun activities to simply relaxing on the beach. We stayed at the awesome Park Shore Waikiki Hotel, which I highly recommend. Great, central beach-front location (and good prices too). They are part of Aqua Hospitality, which has 24 hotels across the Hawaiian islands, so be sure to check them out on your next trip! How awesome is this sunset picture from our balcony?! 

    Day 2 was all about taking in mother nature and being a little adventurous. We used our Go Oahu Cards to do a ton of activities including riding bikes across the city, snorkeling and stand-up paddleboarding. With 33 attractions to choose from, I highly recommend getting this card if you like exploring and trying different activities like I do. 

    Day 3's mission was to explore the island. We rented a car and spent the day driving on the coast across the entire island. The drive itself is a breathtaking experience not to be missed. We eventually made it to the legendary North Shore, where we watched pro-surfers prep for the world-famous Pipe Masters competition. What a sight!

    And lastly, no Hawaii trip is complete without attending a lu'au.We went to Paradise Cove, which is probably the largest and most popular lu'au on the island. The best part? They had three, yes three, craft stations! I guess they knew I was coming :)

    I already miss this place and can't wait to go back! A big thanks to Allegiant Air, Oahu Visitors Bureau and Aqua Hospitality for making this trip possible.

    http://www2.allegiantair.com/     http://www.gohawaii.com/oahuwww.aquahospitality.com


    1. The tags are great.

    2. Anonymous6/14/2014

      Such pretty pictures :)

    3. I have made some similar, different material
      , though the one thing I had learned was when it comes to the id information, wrap it in some plastic, so the information is still visible, even if the cover is there, the possibility of water damage could happen.


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