DIY: Holiday Ornaments from Silk Flowers

I'm back with one more holiday ornament tutorial this week! I'm loving my DIY Sweater Ornaments and DIY CD Mosaic Ornaments, but I think these flower petal ornaments are really going to complete my crafty Christmas decorations! I spotted these beautiful, glittery silk flowers last week for $2 and thought they would make a great addition to my Christmas tree. Try mix 'n matching different colored flowers to add some warmth and handmade love to your home for the holidays!

Follow the steps below to craft up your own ornaments. Or make them as gifts for your loved ones this year!

P.S. Check out my DIY gift wrapping paper tutorial for another holiday craft.

• Silk flowers (around $1-$7 per stem)
• Glass ornament (I got a pack of 4 on sale at Michaels for $2)
• Scissors (I love all things Fiskars)
• Glue gun
• Optional: Ribbon (to tie bow on top)

Separate the flower petals from the stem. In most cases, this should easily be done by simply pulling on the petals.
• Cut out the individual flower petals (if needed).
Starting from the bottom of the ornament, glue petals one by one until the surface is completely covered. First cover the bottom layer, then work your way up until you reach the top.
Optional: Tie a bow with some ribbon and glue on top of the ornament for a decorative touch.

What are you making this holiday season? I'd love to hear your crafty ideas! Follow along on Facebook and Twitter to see all my new DIY projects.


  1. What a wonderful idea. I love doing crafts. Thanks for sharing.

  2. hello...i featured ur idea in my blog..you can check it here:: http://loocahswit.blogspot.com/2013/12/riding-with-cristmas.html

  3. How beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing. Simple, classy and elegant!


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