DIY Paper Flower Branches

I can't believe Valentine's Day is already around the corner! For today's DIY project, I'm excited to partner with Glade to bring you this paper flower DIY project to help create that romantic mood for your home just in time for Valentine's Day. Fresh flowers are beautiful, but the perk of artificial ones is they'll never wilt! 

I also love lighting up our little apartment with lots of candles. The scents instantly put me in such a relaxed mood. I especially love Glade's new Blooming Peony & Cherry candle. It smells amazing! It invokes such a sweet and flirty feel. And it's the perfect accent to my living room home decor.

This project can also be completed using crepe paper. Pick your favorite colors and follow the tutorial below to craft up your own!

• Tissue paper
• Scissors
• Q-tips
• Tape 
• Hot glue gun
• Branches

• Cut out a piece of tissue paper about 1 inch wide and 12 inches long. 
• Fold in half several times until you have a small rectangle. 
Fringe the edges with scissors. This will create the flower petals.

• Unwrap the fringed tissue paper.
• Start to tightly wrap it around the head of the q-tip. Continue wrapping until you've reached your desired flower size.

• Secure the end with tape.
• Cut the q-tip right below the cotton ball head.

• Hot glue the flower to the branch. 
Continue adding more flowers until you've reached your desired look.

This post is in partnership with Glade. To see more inspirational home decor ideas, visit Glade's Pinterest page.


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