DIY: Ombrè Vase From A Juice Jug

I've been eager to post an ombrè-inspired DIY tutorial after seeing so many adorable projects pop up on Pinterest lately, including this picnic blanket and this beautiful flower centerpiece. The dark-to-light finish creates such a beautiful contrast of colors, especially when you add flowers!

I chose an oversized juice bottle to create my ombrè flower vase, because I just love its big round bottom and tiny handle at the top! But you can use anything from wine bottles, soda cans or even milk cartons, so look around the house for anything that has a flattering shape.

Follow the steps below to make your own custom vase that will be sure to add a lovely handmade touch to your home.

• Glass juice jug (you can also use other bottles or cans you might have at home)
• Acrylic paint (color of your choice. This will be the darkest color of your vase)
• White acrylic paint
• Small container to mix paint
• Brush
Clear glaze or Mod Podge (not pictured)

•  Peel off the label from the bottle. If any residue remains, run the bottle under hot water and use a knife or scraper to remove the excess.
• Pour the color paint you have chosen into a container. Keep in mind this will be used to paint the entire bottle so poor enough to last.
• Starting from the bottom, paint a strip all around the bottle. Let dry for a few minutes and add a second coat on top. Repeat, if necessary, until the bottle underneath is completely covered.
• Add a touch of white paint to the container and mix thoroughly. For a more gradual transition between colors, add a very small amount of white paint each time.
• Working your way up the bottle, paint another strip around the bottle.
• Continue adding white paint to the mixture and painting until the bottle is completely covered.
• Once dry, add a quote of clear glaze or Mod Podge (gloss or matte finish, your choice) to seal in the paint.

Lastly, just add water, flowers and enjoy your new handmade vase! Follow along on Facebook and Twitter to keep up with my new DIY projects each week.

P.S. Check out my DIY tissue box vase tutorial to create one for short-stemmed centerpieces.


  1. Anonymous6/19/2012

    I thought I had seen a lot of genius DIY, but that was before I started following your, it really really brilliant! Thanks for tutorial and have a lovely Day!

  2. It is beautiful, I love the colors!


  3. Love it! It is really cute!



  4. Another Great idea.
    Love it!

  5. this is so sweet! Can't wait to make this! Great gifts =)

  6. I just saw this on IHOD. Adorable! Great idea! <3

  7. great idea !!


  8. Oh my gosh ,that is so cool! Thanks for sharing that with us! I especially love the colors - purple = awesome.
    ♥ xixia
    visit my blog?: thisisxixia.com

  9. really nice! thanks a lot for the tutorial! :-)

  10. Que legal ficou, tenho mitas garrafas, vou fazer essa pintura.
    Thank you.
    Anajá Schmitz

  11. What an amazing idea! I can't wait to try that, thanks for the tutorial :)

  12. I love the colors you used for the vase.

  13. Anonymous7/05/2013

    Great job! I love it. I have never done anything like this but would like to do this but end up with a glossy finish. I wonder what I would have to do different.

    1. Hi there - All you need is a glossy clear glaze. Good luck!

  14. Anonymous1/11/2014

    that is amazing

  15. Love it! It is really amazing!

  16. Your vase is beautiful I love the colours and its seems easy to make,I an definitely going to do one.Thank you for tutorial,very comprehensive.


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