DIY: To Do List Notepad (with free printable)

I use my iPhone for just about everything, but when it comes to making lists, I prefer the old-fashioned way. I use my handmade notebook for jotting down ideas, but I prefer notepads for daily to do lists so I can tear the pages away once completed. I'm also big on organizing my list in order of priority, because we all know there are just some things we may never get to. After looking for the perfect notepad that was both practical and stylish, I decided to design my own. It now hangs above my desk and keeps me productive everyday. Try it for yourself! If you find it as helpful as I have, make a bunch for yourself and share it with your friends too!

You can download a free template here and follow the instructions below to make your very own.


• Free template (click here to download and print)
• Color printer with 8.5 x 11 paper
• Scissors or paper trimmer
• Single hole punch
• Ribbon
• Thumb tack or nail

•  Download and print several copies of the template. Keep in mind that each printed page will make 2 sheets. I printed 30 pages, which made 60 sheets for my notepad. (Tip: On the printer dialog box, set the page scaling as "none" to ensure it prints evenly. Print a test page before making copies.)
• Cut each printed page horizontally in half, following the black line in the center as your guide.
• Punch 2 holes along the top of each sheet, right through the gray dots provided on the template.
• Run a ribbon through the holes to join the pages together and knot the ends at the top.
• Use a thumb tack or small nail to hang.

Enjoy and stay productive my friends! Follow along on Facebook and Twitter to keep up with my new DIY projects each week.


  1. Hi! it´s pretty and usefull, but i have a doubt, what it´s mean "a.s.a.p."? thank's!!

  2. Anonymous7/10/2012

    ASAP = as soon as possible.
    Nice "to do list" !!!

  3. Anonymous7/16/2012

    this is so simple, yet sophisticated :)

    but, is there sth wrong with the download link? apparently, it keeps giving errors to me.

  4. Hi! I tried the links and they seem to be working. You can email me at cremedelacraft@gmail.com and I will send you the file directly.

  5. Hey I made a notebook roundup and I featured your printable in it!
    I hope you're alright with it, if not please tell me!


    Please check it out!

  6. Anonymous12/04/2012

    so, so, SO need one of those!! pity i dont have a printer will have to be creative x

  7. Hello,
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  8. print notepads are critical to your businesses professional appearance.

  9. Thank you so much , I shared your ideas on my DIY Instagram and give you credits ( put up your blog link ) hope it's fine with you :)

  10. Thank you for sharing the printable. I was able to print it out and create my own notebook with your printable.

  11. Great printable and project. I need all the help I can get in keeping my to-do's under control. :) I've shared with my Facebook friends on my page (Just Trixie). Have a great day.

  12. I have been printing your template, thank you. ^^

  13. Thanks so much for sharing your to do list notepad. My to do list is always getting longer and looks overwhelming most of the time :) It's brilliant to separate the list by the most urgent tasks on top. If I could complete these, say, 5 urgent tasks on the day, I should be glad!


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