My DIY Bridal Shower Invitations

My wedding is only two months away so you can imagine how much I've been consumed with DIY wedding craft projects! This is one of my favorites so far. I am having a garden-themed bridal shower and found the perfect invitations from Minted. These were originally save the date cards, but Minted lets you 100% customize their designs which is exactly what I did. All you need to do is make a note with your changes when you submit your order and one of their designers will revise and send you an updated version. A hassle-free process!

But you know I couldn’t just send these out without adding my personal touch. This is a super easy way to add a little pzazz to any invitations or even greeting cards. Here’s how I made them…

My Supplies:
Invitations from Minted
Silk flower stems
Tacky glue
Mini pearl sticker (found at craft stores) 
Pressed flower stickers (this shop has many more to choose from)

1. Add Flowers: Separate the silk flowers from their stems by simply pulling them out. Apply a small dot of glue underneath and secure to the card. Finish it off by adding a pearl sticker on top. Continue adding flowers until you’ve reached your desired look.

2. Decorate the Envelope: To tie everything together, I used these pressed flower stickers as envelope closures. They are actually real flowers! There's a protective layer on top so they will stay intact when mailed.

Now moving on from wedding talk...

In honor of Mother’s Day, I’m so proud to partner with Minted for their Every Mother Counts donation program, to help decrease maternal mortality across the world. If you purchase any art piece from Minted from now until 4/28/14 using code CREMEEMC, Minted will donate 20% of their proceeds to Every Mother Counts. So not only will you end up with some awesome artwork, but you’ll be contributing to a very worthy cause. I love this idea as a Mother's Day gift. After your purchase, Minted will also send you a free downloadable card you can include in your gift to mom letting her know about the donation. Check out all the beautiful art right here (the custom one below is my favorite).


  1. These are so beautiful! Love their elegant floral design, font style and color scheme which is so pretty. I must say these are perfect invitations for a bridal shower ceremony.

  2. You have definitely inspired me!

    Thanks :)

  3. They look so springy and pretty! I love flowers. I bake flower cupcakes and your post really inspired me:) You can take a look at them at

  4. Anonymous5/23/2014

    So gorgeous! Such an elegant design.

    Em ~ Lynde Avenue | Photography, Writing, Lifestyle

  5. These are so beautiful! These are pretty and unique. The color combinations of this invitation are perfect. Wedding invitation is very important in wedding . I just say one thing these are perfect invitations for my future wedding.

  6. Very pretty and elegant!

  7. Wow I wish I saw this two months ago! I would have used this...such a great idea!


  8. Really originative!!! The way of adding flowers on the invitation is outstanding. i love this idea

  9. Wow! They are stunning, the silk flowers really compliment them. I think adding your own touch to wedding decorations and invites etc is lovely and often cheaper if on a budget! And you can make them just as you want them. I had not heard of the Every Mother Counts programme before, it sounds a very worthwhile cause!

    Nicola x

  10. Extremely superb idea about DIY wedding. Your idea about envelope decoration with flower stickers is very convenient. Thanks for sharing your idea's with us.

  11. Love the design, so beautiful,simply perfect, and thanks for sharing the tips.

  12. Nice creativity! I love the idea of making collage on wedding. This is the extra ordinary & smart idea to feel married couple special.

  13. Lovely!!!
    It is really awfully gorgeous. I loved the entire idea of this DIY piece and loved the way you gave them a personalized touch as well. The concept is good and would must be loved by lots of people out there.
    Thanks for sharing such nice craft idea.

  14. Oh I love those dresses. The last one is my favorite. When I'm getting married I definately want a vintage dress.

  15. nice website love it lot

  16. Incredible!! It's so beautiful!! The creativity for preparing bridal shower invitation is simply great. The steps that you have mentioned are simple and would love to do it during my friend's wedding. Thank you for such a lovely post!! https://www.parekhcards.com/


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